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Two brothers collide to innovate "Club Saboteur."

Posted on March 27 2017

     L&H are two brothers. Though close, they both weren’t fully connected due to their age difference, which led them down divergent paths in their lives and careers. After some time had passed, L came up with the idea of creating a company that would sabotage the world through design. Although he hadn't seen his brother in a long time, he knew H was the perfect person to understand and conceptualize his visual designs while adding his own. This moves the story to the present: Two distant brothers with a mutual vision joining forces to sabotage the world through design, now owners of Club Saboteur LLC. L&H want their Saboteurs to connect with each other the same way they did. Their Saboteurs are located worldwide; L&H want everyone to share different ideas about design and the impact it may have in their lives.


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